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Finally, an easy to use, multipurpose polyurethane adhesive with incredible hold power.

Introducing our latest innovation: Gladiator PUR 241

From a visible join to a single piece of wood, with our rapid
adhesive the finish is seamless, time after time.

Easy to apply for a spotless finish

Created by joiners for joiners, Gladiator PUR 241 is a groundbreaking joinery and construction adhesive that can also be used vertically.

Expect a great initial grab

This rapid adhesive has an incredible performance on application, to help prevent slumping on the surfaces you need to stick.

Outstanding colour blend on most woods

With the easy application of a regular polyurethane adhesive, the Gladiator PUR 241 will also match up perfectly to the wood it bonds with.

Smooth application

No mess and no fuss, just use with a cartridge gun.

Forms a skin in five minutes and dries in a natural colour.

A strong rapid adhesive that’s ideal for bonding surfaces which will be on show.

Clamp time of twenty minutes

Adheres to joints rapidly and has a fast clamp time of just 20 minutes.

Quick and easy clean off

Just scrape away the access and the bond line becomes imperceptible.

Fully waterproof and ready for action

A wood, floor adhesive that can handle the rough and tumble of everyday life? That’s Gladiator PUR 241.

A heat resistant solution

Use near ovens, boilers or flues to create a bond which won’t be affected by increases in temperature.

Most wood, floor adhesives come in different formulations offering a finish specific to the project being completed, but Gladiator PUR 241 is a standalone product which changes all of that.

Get yours now for the bargain price of £4.75 per tube.

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