Gladiator PUR 241 Polyurethane Adhesive 310ml

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GLADIATOR PUR 241 is a tanned colour thrixotropic gel one part moisture curing polyurethane fully waterproof assembly and repair adhesive for the joinery and construction industry which has a skin formation time of 5 minutes.

It provides excellent bonding strength on wood and most construction materials including rubber, concrete and thermal insulation materials.

It foams slightly on application to fill small gaps, which increases bond strength.

  • Exterior & Interior Use
  • Gap Filling
  • Excellent Initial Grab
  • Colour Blend on Most Woods (Hard, Soft, Exotic)
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Heat Resistant


Areas Of Use

  • Gladiator PUR 241 Rapid Adhesive may be used internally or externally.
  • Can be used vertically.
  • Used to bond most types of wood (hard, soft, exotic)
  • For the manufacture of all joinery applications including windows, door frames, staircases and many more.
  • Can also be used on plasterboard, rubber, concrete and thermal insulation materials.


  • One of the surfaces must be porus.
  • Moisture content of wood must not exceed 30% w/w.
  • Ensure surfaces are always clamped during cure.
  • The skin formation time is 5 minutes depending on temperature and climate.
  • Curing time may vary depending on temperature and climate.
  • Not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon or Nylon.


  • The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from dust and grease.
  • Gladiator PUR 241 Rapid Adhesive should be applied to only one of the surfaces to be bonded.
  • One of the surfaces must be porus. Roughen non-porus surface to give a key for the adhesive.
  • The parts to be bonded should be assembled within the skin formation time and should be pressed or clamped until functional hardness can be reached.
  • To accelerate curing moisten one surface with a water spray bottle or damp cloth. Do not over wet.
  • For bonding steam tight or dry materials, this is required.
  • During the curing reaction carbon dioxide is released which foams the adhesive slightly.


  • Directions are placed on our experience only. We recommend preliminary tests on materials before use.
  • Cut tip of cartridge being careful not to damage the thread.
  • Attach nozzle and cut cleanly at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Apply using standard sealant gun.
  • Apply adhesive evenly to the one surface. Use a spreader for large surfaces.
  • ​Assemble parts within the skin formation time and clamp for 20 minutes at 20 degrees longer at lower temperatures. The joint can be easily handled after this time. Final full strength bond will be achieved after 24 hours.
  • Gladiator PUR 241 foams on application to fill small gaps clean off excess with a sharp chisel once set.
  • Reseal nozzle immediately after use.
  • Clean all tools after use.


  • Do not store at temperatures under +5 degrees or above +25 degrees. When stored unopened, usable up to 12 months.

Health & Safety

  • For professional use only. Use suitable gloves, eye and face protection.


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